Reflections of the Sunset

Soft patterns of light danced on the lapping waves. A warm velvet glow caressed the ocean tide leaving brief mirrored pastels along the shoreline.

Clouds gathered and the instrumental orchestral sound of the ocean drew me ever closer to the water’s edge. My mind was resting and I didn’t want to leave.

The sky was forming a masterpiece a painter could only dream of. The intensity of coloured light grew as the sun fell off the horizon’s edge, disappearing to reveal its colourful trick.

Cold fresh crisp air filled my senses with the intense aroma of salt. I took a deep breath and began to relax from my busy day.

My gaze became fixed beyond the soothing waves lapping at my feet. Minuscule silhouettes seemed to float lost on the distant water’s edge. I wondered how long these tiny vessels would sail the ocean tide before they reached their final destination.

Their journey had only begun. For me the day was at an end, an end that seemed to form magically before me.

Reflections Of The Sunset


Image details:

Photographed with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 – 35mm – ISO 200 – f/4 – 1/210 second – 9 images vertically stitched


6 comments on “Reflections of the Sunset

  1. Dawn says:

    Nothing like a sunset over the ocean, lovely thoughts as well, thanks.

    • Dawn, thank you for commenting. I certainly agree on of the best things in life to watch is a sunset. The other great thing is this location is its is only a 2 minute walk from my front door!

  2. justmusing says:

    What a paint! real art. Thank you

  3. angellaveaux says:

    Gorgeous! There’s something about the clouds that makes me think of pirate ships. Lovely photograph.

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