Canon N – The Instagramers camera – a Powershot.

CES has certainly started with a bang with the announcement of the Canon Powershot N.

Powershot N by Canon

Who would have thought Canon would introduce something out of the square (pun intended) and call it the Powershot N. Personally I think this camera is designed for the photo sharing communities like Instagram, Tumblr and the New Myspace. In my opinion the camera has been modelled on the successful size of the Go Pro camera. The 8x optical zoom is identical to the previous Powershot A4000 IS which has been a liked feature from many Canon users.

WiFi on the Powershot N

The camera boasts minimal buttons and a really cool design which I’m sure will turn a lot of heads.

Built in Wi-Fi is also a welcome feature for the tech-savvy generation enabling uploads straight to the preferred social media platform via the Canon CameraWindow App which is available for the top iOS devices.

Probably the best feature I like about the N is the flip screen. It’s unlike Canon to develop a screen that rotates up and down as their previous models turned on a horizontal axis. This 2.8 LCD screen is able to rotate 90 degrees which is perfect for the avid skater or general teenager.

Also all the features on the camera can be activated via the stylish touch screen which also acts as a built-in tripod when filming those selfies shots.

To the serious side now and Canon have stood by their quality guns with this barrel. The lens is identical to the Powershot A4000IS which boasts a 8x optical zoom and a minimum aperture of f3.0. I actually played with the Powershot A4000IS yesterday and was amazed at the quality. This camera should be no different.

Canon Lens on the Powershot N

I think this camera is a welcome release from Canon. Previously we have not seen any change within their entry level Powershot line up. I really do think this camera will do very well with some online marketing behind it. I can see the YouTubers and the younger photo sharers embrace this little beauty. I would certainly own one for my YouTube travels.


4 comments on “Canon N – The Instagramers camera – a Powershot.

  1. Alastair says:

    I’m a Nikon person myself. Although my sister’s Canon is quite cool

    • Alastair you might have to add a Canon to your kit now you have seen this.

      Regardless about the brand I really do think this camera spells out the word cool. Wifi, compact, flip and quality – I recon ever future Canon camera should be as innovative as the next. This one hits the spot for me.

  2. I appreciate it for writing “Canon N – The Instagramers camera
    – a Powershot. LEIGH DIPROSE”. I reallywill surely wind up being back for even more reading and commenting here shortly.
    Thank you, Stephaine

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