Sunset at Mosman Beach

People were out and about as the afternoon light fell upon the earth. I passed an energetic exerciser running on the beach as she was frantically being chased by a pack of wet dogs. The soggy reward of a tennis ball seemed to be enough to keep the dogs running up and down the beach. With dogs of all sizes running around me in every direction I had to be carefully carrying my camera as it might have been mistaken for a play thing. The dog owners seemed to sense my panic and the call of names filled the air. “Rex, Peach, Sacha, Lady – come here!”- “Lady come here!” With a delayed scurry, flicked sand filled the air and the disobedient dogs bolted in the direction of the newly found tennis ball.  The though of a being jumped on by a wet slobbery retriever was too much to bear so I set off from the pack to capture the sunset.

Crashing waves broke on me as I walked the shallow shores of Mosman Beach. I headed for the rocks toward the end of the beach and was met by a young family fishing the shores. Trying not to interfere with their recreational activity I dodged the lines and found myself at this scene. Clouds on the horizon hung full of colour. I found some jagged rocks to fill the foreground and flicked the camera on.  With the 18mm set on my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 I composed the image into three photographs as later I was going to stitch them together.

When I arrived home I got a little distracted from an immediate upload due to a tooth ache. After another journey to the chemist for some strong pain relief I find myself sitting here typing this story for you all and uploading the latest free photograph.

I hope you enjoy this image. I certainly enjoyed taking it.

Mosman Beach located near Fremantle



Photographed with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 (3 image stitch)



3 comments on “Sunset at Mosman Beach

  1. Sofia says:

    Wonderful photo! Really superb. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for commenting Sofia. I’m glad you like the photo. The next photo should be on later tonight. I’m heading out now to photography some clouds.

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