The Test of Time

Wisps of playful cloud lingered hawk-like above the crooked building. I stared up at the gothic textures standing steadfast against the softening afternoon sun. Darkening shadows hung chiselled in the crevasses of the tired building.  The angle of light was just about right as the flaws of time were enhanced by the soft illumination.  I shuffled on the pavement to gain my composition while my eye gazed through the dusty viewfinder, through to the turret like windows.

The tower looked silently lost and forgotten in a place that once was humble cobblestone and carriage. All the streets used to be all like this, lost in the moment of time – bought together by people. However times have changed and it’s nice to see a building of its caliber sit proudly against a sea of glass and steel.

Abruptly the city noisily erupted around me. The clacking of heels and bustling of cars filled my arena. I found my arms weakening at the weight of my camera as it was defined by gravity. My moment of triumph seemed to crumble before the ageing architecture.  I recomposed and strengthen myself. Holding my breath, I snapped at the shutter – clickety clack, the mirror jolted up and down revealing the architecture that stood the test of time.

City of Perth

Photographed at the Wesley Church Tower, Perth, Western Australia



Until Next Time – Happy Shooting



4 comments on “The Test of Time

  1. Rad Leigh.. when you scroll this image.. it appears to animate..
    Great shot.. the effect is really a trip though.. it steals the show!

  2. K C Towers says:

    Sadly no tearful cries of distress coming from a beautiful damsel within. No cry from the top window to be saved from the cruelty of a dastardly black Prince so keen to keep her imprisoned for his own perverted,selfish desire. Still, a nice image nonetheless and excellent b/w conversion.

    • It would have been nice to have an actual castle to construct the scene you so masterfully described! One day when I travel to Europe I might be able to photograph such a scene! Thanks for commenting.

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