Route 425

Walked from cinema, streets black in hue

Flashing lights shone, the bus gleamed new

Tumbling rain drizzled, neon lights blue

The bus-stop beckoned a threatening due.


My beat had quickened, pacing heart too

Looking to the left, my stomach ached through

Three homeless slept cold, braving the dew

Feeling guilt I shrivelled, sorrow told true.


Flashing lights cracked breaching the sky

Warning a clap, booming a-nigh

Waited in rain for 4 2 5

Street lights flickered, rain withered and died


Hopping aboard, I hustled to sit

Nearing the back I found an abyss

Eyes leered behind and burned anear

I was being watched for no iphone was here


Android shone brightly, mapping my way

GPS directed me traversing its way

Broken white lines twisted and turned

Fulfilling the ride all choppy and churned


Amber shone dimly, passing a must

The route steered right, passing a bus

Drawing to station, passenger alone

Holding her hand – signalled to throne


Red lights shone, doors flung in debate

No welcome aboard, sat driver in wait

Fighting her way drawn to a close

Rested her head to a nearer abode


The bus tunnelled, white tiled once new

Main road arrived, traffic was few

Darting our way from pillar to post

My destination seemed so handsomely close


My trip had finished, a walk was due

My saddened thought had made me blue

I wished I had helped the poor three men

I knew I must return to them


Tomorrow I will make a vow

To brighten their night somehow

I wish to make them feel anew

For this is something I must do.

Route 425

Photographed using my Google Nexus on location


Give to help.

Don’t be stubborn.

Be assertive and caring in what you do.

You will become a better person if you do.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


Brand New Website

I’m please to announce a brand new version of will be coming to you shortly.

While I’m in the process of moving to the other side of Australia, I plan on updating this corner of the net into something super cool!

The new site will be a place you will never want to leave!

So if you see that this site is down – don’t worry – it will be coming to you with a new look. It’s all part of the new plan. Exciting times!!!

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting.


My life seems to be going very quickly at the moment so I thought I would share with you what I’m up to.

Monday 18th, 11.20pm:

I’m sitting on the floor as all my furniture has sold in preparation to move to Sydney. The only belongings I have decided to keep will be packed in my small car. The things which don’t fit in the car will be given to charity or thrown away as I like the idea of keeping my life simple and easy… sort of simplifying it down to the bare essentials.

I will be staying with my mum until I fly out from Perth to Sydney on the 1st April so my internet will be limited. My office and computer gear has been packed up so it’s just me and the laptop! No access to hard drives full of photos :(

My last day of work in Perth is on Wednesday 20th March and my lease finishes on Thursday 21st March.

Unfortunately some sad news of my grandpa passing away hit me late last week. I have been busy creating a small video featuring his life in pictures so it will be great to celebrate his great life with family and friends on Friday morning.

Uploads to my blog will stop while I move and prepare for Sydney. I plan on uploading a few more lightning photos closer to the end of the month so keep and eye out for those.

I can’t wait to get to Sydney and start my new life. Not long now!

Until next time – Happy Shooting!



Google+ Photographers Photo Competition

Featured Google+ Photographers and F Stop Lounge Photo Comp

To celebrate my Google+ Photographers Community reaching 10,000 members I’m running a worldwide photo competition!

Entry is FREE and you even will have the chance to win 1 of 3 Sony Digital Still Cameras!

To enter the photo competition simply visit the Google+ Event and follow the Conditions of Entry (information about the competition can be seen below or on the Google+ Event).


The details of the Google+ Photographers Competition are as follows:

Event is open Friday, Feb 1, 1:00am (Hong Kong Time) and closes Saturday, April 27, 6:00pm (Hong Kong Time)

You can only enter this competition on Google+


1.  Add Leigh Diprose or F Stop Lounge to your circles
2.  Be a member of the Google+ Photographers Community
3.  Enter only ONE photo to the event – it has to be your best photo.
4.  Share this event with your circles


Say you are going to this event and then enter ONE photo to this event.


There is no theme. Simply enter only ONE of your best photos.


The Top THREE photos selected by the judges will each receive
1x Sony DSC TX20 Digital Still Camera.
See the specs here:


There will be 10 judges.
Each of the 10 judges will choose their favourite photo.
The photos selected will form the finalists.

The selected finalists will then be judged on a Judges Google+ Hangout and be given a score out of 100 on the following criteria –

How creative, original and what the technical quality is like in the photograph.


The three photos that receive the highest score from the judges will be selected as the winning three photos. These three finalists will be announced LIVE on a Google+ On Air Hangout on Leigh Diprose’s YouTube Channel.

In the event the winner is disqualified for any reason, the photograph that received the next highest total score will be chosen as one of the winning photos.



The Judges will be announced shortly.


1.    You acknowledge that is Your responsibility for protecting your entry against image misuse by any third party. Leigh Diprose assumes no responsibility and will not be liable for any image misuse.

2.   There are no alternatives available for the prize winner.

3.   The winners photo will be published online on; the F Stop Lounge Google+ page, F Stop Lounge Facebook page and the Google+ Photographers Community.

4.   Photoshop and other editing techniques are allowed.

5   The prize will be sent to you within a reasonable time.

6.   Your submission must not contain content, material or any element that is unlawful, or otherwise in violation of or contrary to all applicable federal, state, provincial or local laws and regulations the laws or regulations in any state where the Photographs were created.

7. The judges have the right to disqualify anyone who submits multiple entries or is found to be cheating.

Who is the sponsor of the prize?
Sponsored by Leigh Diprose


Good Luck Everyone!

To see the winner of the last Google+ Photographers Photo Competition check out the Judges Google+ Hangout where myself and the judges announced the winner live on my YouTube channel.

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!




So a quick little update for you all.

I have decided to take a leap of faith and move over to Sydney!!!

No guaranteed job is waiting for me just my hopes and dreams so in the lead up to my move (which will be in roughly 6 weeks time) there will be limited posts as I have quite a bit on my plate at the moment with weddings, work and preparing to move.

Don’t worry WA people I will be coming back to say hello to you all as my wedding photography will still continue for the next year or two.

I’m sure there will be some exciting developments to share with you all so if you haven’t already liked my Facebook page be sure to here – that way you will be informed of my happenings.

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!

Rural Tractor

When I saw this scene on the side of the road I had to stop and take a photo. I used to drive a tractor similar to this once. Every second day I would get up early in the morning to deliver hay to hungry cows. Living in the country was certainly on the of great joys in life. Fresh air and vast landscapes….what more could you want?

A tractor sitting in a paddock


Until next time – Happy Shooting.