Pink Grey and Wild

Striking pink and pale grey suit this jovial character.

A sumptuous sunflower seed is pure indulgence for the bird who seems to speak a trilled language.

The messiness of the order tumbles from a worked beak.

A smile ignites in his eye and enlightens a cheeky personality as the burst of seed is enough to make this bird wild.

Pink and Grey Galah

This wild bird was photographed in my neighbour’s yard on the Canon EOS 1D MK IV



Until Next Time – Happy Shooting


Fine Art Osprey

The Osprey would certainly be my favourite bird to photograph because they have so much character.

This Osprey was happy to pose for me on my last trip to Geraldton with Shawn Haywood. The sun shone brightly so I was able to get the amazing catch light in its eye.  I used about 5 images of trees, clouds and an oil tank to create this fine art portrait. Enjoy.




Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

Fishing Tern

I watched as the darting bird stealthily fished beyond the reaches of my telephoto lens. The bird dove with tucked wings from a standing height; water erupted on the horizon as the bird breached the surface chasing a scaly meal from the watery depths below.

The choice of a telephoto lens was rewarding, I was able to separate the common predator from the breaking waves and colourful ocean hues. It’s such a shame the Tern returned to shore without a prize meal as it would have made the photo into a masterpiece. I suppose that is what wildlife photography is all about, you may capture a great image you may not – it can be so unpredictable if you don’t know what you are looking for. You simply have to perceive and eventually the behaviour of an animal will become known. It is only then you can master the art of wildlife photography.

A Tern in flight with an ocean background

Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Wedge Tailed Eagle

This Wedge Tailed Eagle was captured near the Stirling Ranges. The magnificent bird is certainly my favourite to photograph and one of the hardest!

A Wedge Tailed Eagle in flight

Osprey Feathers



Osprey feathers fly silently upon the wind soaring in grandeur. Patterns dance in the breeze above. Light falls on feathers enhancing pools of striking reds and electric blues.  The sound of the sea stirs, the powerful Osprey beats its wings steadily toward the headland wind. Eyesight sharp and focused.

Mysterious shapes travel below in the churning water.  The powerful bird tucks wings and dives to the depths grasping its trophy within its sharp talons. Beats of power gracefully lift the bird to its place of rest were it consumes its prize. Victory has its calling, the Osprey cries a whistles in the wind preening its feathers with pride.

Osprey Feathers Fine Art by Leigh Diprose

Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Ibis Surrounds

Chaos surrounded me, the chorus of flapping was deafening. Each bird seemed to know the direction of the other as the flock took to wing. A moving dark cloud of beak, feet and squawks captivated me to hold the camera tightly and to compose this image.

I painted this photograph using Photoshop to portray a sense of scale. The movement of the birds frozen in time creates an awareness into how busy life can get. Slowing down our lives lets us look at scene in front of us.  “Beauty lies before us we just have to stop every now and then to see it.” – Leigh Diprose.

The plan now is to print this artwork onto canvas (as soon as my printer is fixed) and display it in the entry. This photograph means quite a bit to me. I hope you enjoy it to.

I’m interested – what do you feel when you see this image?

Until next time – Happy Shooting