Fine Art Osprey

The Osprey would certainly be my favourite bird to photograph because they have so much character.

This Osprey was happy to pose for me on my last trip to Geraldton with Shawn Haywood. The sun shone brightly so I was able to get the amazing catch light in its eye.  I used about 5 images of trees, clouds and an oil tank to create this fine art portrait. Enjoy.




Until Next Time – Happy Shooting


Osprey Feathers



Osprey feathers fly silently upon the wind soaring in grandeur. Patterns dance in the breeze above. Light falls on feathers enhancing pools of striking reds and electric blues.  The sound of the sea stirs, the powerful Osprey beats its wings steadily toward the headland wind. Eyesight sharp and focused.

Mysterious shapes travel below in the churning water.  The powerful bird tucks wings and dives to the depths grasping its trophy within its sharp talons. Beats of power gracefully lift the bird to its place of rest were it consumes its prize. Victory has its calling, the Osprey cries a whistles in the wind preening its feathers with pride.

Osprey Feathers Fine Art by Leigh Diprose

Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Limited Edition – Reflections Collection

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Reflections is my first collection of 4 Limited Edition photographs.

The Reflections Collection depicts the beauty of the water environment on the Western Australian coastline and gives meaning to the mixture of multicultural communities through the ever-changing colour present in the collection. Water ripples present in the four images represent our ever-changing lifestyles on the West Coast due to the expanding resource sector.

Reflections Collection is limited to 1 of 1 and will not be reproduced at any stage all digital negatives will be destroyed.

All four pieces forming the collection are individually sized to 20×30 inches (50x75cm) and presented on an mounted canvas.

As of the 22nd April 2012 Reflections Collection is valued at AU $4,000. A valuation certificate will be provided with the artwork.

To order the Limited Edition – Reflections Collection please contact Leigh Diprose on +61408 957 090.




My favorite wildlife image… until I take the next one!

Ask yourself the question…what is in your backyard….If you have any wildlife where you are why not take a shot of it and post it! I would love to see it.

Back from Geraldton





In my previous post I set myself a challenge to get a few specific shots while I was in Geraldton.

RESULT!!! Stay tuned tomorrow morning for another shot.


Sand dunes at first light. These spectacular dunes are situated along the Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia.

I pass these dunes every six weeks so you should see a few more images like this!