Portrait of a Barn Owl

This fine art portrait of a Barn Owl was photographed on one of my visits to South Africa.

Barn Owl

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting


Limited Edition – Reflections Collection

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Reflections is my first collection of 4 Limited Edition photographs.

The Reflections Collection depicts the beauty of the water environment on the Western Australian coastline and gives meaning to the mixture of multicultural communities through the ever-changing colour present in the collection. Water ripples present in the four images represent our ever-changing lifestyles on the West Coast due to the expanding resource sector.

Reflections Collection is limited to 1 of 1 and will not be reproduced at any stage all digital negatives will be destroyed.

All four pieces forming the collection are individually sized to 20×30 inches (50x75cm) and presented on an mounted canvas.

As of the 22nd April 2012 Reflections Collection is valued at AU $4,000. A valuation certificate will be provided with the artwork.

To order the Limited Edition – Reflections Collection please contact Leigh Diprose on +61408 957 090.


After my new office set up (see previous post) I was inspired to post another Karijini photograph.

Also an update on the massive Stirling ranges multi-row stitch…..with so many files it takes my computer a long long time to process anything. Hopefully I should have it done soon so stay tuned!

Until then – Happy Shooting

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African Elephant

What is with my mind only being creative at night???? It seems like I only post images late at night!

I searched my Elephant data base and found this image which was perfect for a bit of B&W and a touch of film grain.

My thoughts are the blacks in the image are a little bit too crushed but hey I kind of like that.

Thanks for taking the time to view my images.  I really enjoy your comments so keep them coming!

Pines in the early morning