Follow me to the water

Lake Clifton located in Western Australia


Watching and waiting, anticipating the sparkle in the sky the reflection of light grew intensely as I composed the scene before me.

Time was no factor I stood still in the cold night air waiting to see a shooting star – a glistening hope before my eyes. I waited but alas the spectacle didn’t happen. Instead the gentle breeze blew across my face as it played within the scene.

Artistic patterns marbled on the water’s surface freezing in time. Trees on the horizon danced as my camera captured the chorus of movement before me. Warming light from the nearby town seemed like a galaxy far away. My eyes were cast upward to the beauty of the atmosphere that seemed to engulf my presence.

A universe of light danced upon the glassy mirror.  Twinkling stars pierced through the darkness with the brightest forming stairways that led to the sky. Was this my path was this the light?

Captured using the Fujifilm X-Pro 1

5 Images

35mm – ISO 200 – f1.4 – 30 Seconds Per Image

Edited and Stitched using Photoshop CS5


The Sky is the Limit

Ethereal shapes cloud the busy travelling sky as they traverse the barren earth. The freshness of daylight falls upon the earth as wisps of cloud linger on a distant horizon.

A palette of colour opens my eyes as I am led to follow the richness to the heavens. The perceptual cluster seems to engulf its surrounds, the vapour reflecting through its frail formation. Within its banding shadow a darkness lingers upon the earth but as if on a roll the fading light passes and is enthralled into the awe-inspiring light that gives warmth and life.

The clouds are merely a dissipating obstacle along my journey. I am a traveller and my journey has just begun. A new day. A new dawn. The sky is the limit.

Clouds in the atmosphere photographed from a plane

My artistic impression of my writing. Photographed near Japan.

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Free Fine Art Photography – August 2012 – Port Gregory

The latest FREE fine art photograph is ready to be downloaded.

August 2012 – Port Gregory.jpeg



Free Photo of Port Gregory, Western Australia by Leigh Diprose

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Blue, clear and bathed in beauty. I watched in wonder as the undulating movement enlightened my soul.

Rising and falling, brimming with shine the ocean was moving – forever the tide.

Beauty amassed under the daylight blue as each clear drop reflected an untold hue.

Ripples of reflection mirrored the surrounds as my photograph spoke of the beauty abound.

Blue water ripples

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Free Fine Art Photography – July 2012 – Mt Field National Park

The latest FREE fine art photograph is ready to be downloaded.

July 2012 – Mt Field National Park.jpeg




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The Sunday Times – Whale Photo by Leigh Diprose Published




Published in The Sunday Times – Sunday, 29th June 2012

The article written by Emily Moulton on page 31 reads:

Power and the glory

THIS breathtaking shot of a female humpback having a whale of a time was taken off Albany.

The majestic creature entered King George Sound with her newborn calf a few weeks ago and was seen by whale watchers on board an Albany Ocean Adventures tour.

Fremantle photographer Leigh Diprose was one of those lucky passengers and captured this magical moment of the humpback breaching.

“It was on my bucket list,” Mr Diprose said. “The whale had a two-week-old calf with her and it was fantastic to have witnessed the calf trying to breach the water, then its mum came out of nowhere and started breaching. It was amazing.”

Paul Guest, from Albany Ocean Adventures, said the cow and calf stayed in King George Sound for about six days after this picture was taken – the first time a migrating humpback had done that in a long while.

“Normally they swim right on through,” he said. “It was a little unusual. You could also tell the calf was very young, less than two weeks old.

“Its dorsal fin was still bent over. It straightens up after 14 days.”

If you like the photo feel free to download it:

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Humpback Whale


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Published on the Front Cover of the Great Southern Weekender – Leigh Diprose

Wow! When I got a message from Paul Guest from Albany today I was excited. He told me my photograph had made it to the front cover of the local paper – The Great Southern Weekender. The Great Southern Weekender has a circulation of just over 20,000 homes and businesses. Thanks also to Shawn Haywood from Geraldton (one of my favourite places!) who ended up telling someone in Albany about the photo…who told someone else…and so on….

I would like to thank Albany Ocean Adventures for the true adventure photographing such an amazing animal – the Humpback Whale. Paul was so knowledgeable about the whales and put the boat in the perfect position to take the photo. If you ever get the chance to get to Albany be sure to book a trip whale watching aboard the Silver Star with Albany Ocean Adventures.

Paul Guest from Albany Ocean Adventures

Also I have made this photo FREE for everyone to use. Click on the image to download.

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Humpback Whale

The Front Cover of the Great Southern Weekender

The Inside Cover of the Great Southern Weekender

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