Route 425

Walked from cinema, streets black in hue

Flashing lights shone, the bus gleamed new

Tumbling rain drizzled, neon lights blue

The bus-stop beckoned a threatening due.


My beat had quickened, pacing heart too

Looking to the left, my stomach ached through

Three homeless slept cold, braving the dew

Feeling guilt I shrivelled, sorrow told true.


Flashing lights cracked breaching the sky

Warning a clap, booming a-nigh

Waited in rain for 4 2 5

Street lights flickered, rain withered and died


Hopping aboard, I hustled to sit

Nearing the back I found an abyss

Eyes leered behind and burned anear

I was being watched for no iphone was here


Android shone brightly, mapping my way

GPS directed me traversing its way

Broken white lines twisted and turned

Fulfilling the ride all choppy and churned


Amber shone dimly, passing a must

The route steered right, passing a bus

Drawing to station, passenger alone

Holding her hand – signalled to throne


Red lights shone, doors flung in debate

No welcome aboard, sat driver in wait

Fighting her way drawn to a close

Rested her head to a nearer abode


The bus tunnelled, white tiled once new

Main road arrived, traffic was few

Darting our way from pillar to post

My destination seemed so handsomely close


My trip had finished, a walk was due

My saddened thought had made me blue

I wished I had helped the poor three men

I knew I must return to them


Tomorrow I will make a vow

To brighten their night somehow

I wish to make them feel anew

For this is something I must do.

Route 425

Photographed using my Google Nexus on location


Give to help.

Don’t be stubborn.

Be assertive and caring in what you do.

You will become a better person if you do.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


Sailing in Fremantle

My Timing was put to the test as I tried to capture a silhouette of this yacht against the sunset in Fremantle, WA.

I probably had half a second before the yacht moved, exposing the sun which would have resulted in an over exposed image.

Shooting into the sun isn’t really recommended for your camera’s sensor or your eyes but hey I couldn’t pass up this rare shot.

I just wish there were some clouds!



Photographed with the Canon EOS 1D MK IV and Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8



Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo


After work earlier in the week I drove down to Safety Bay to photograph my Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Limited Edition.

I’m not really a car sort of guy so don’t ask me what the specs are….put it this way I bought this car after watching a YouTube video. The guy at the dealership had the easiest sale ever!

Skoda 001


Photographed with the Canon EOS 1D MK IV

Styled and edited to the soundtrack of Chocolat

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting.

The Morning Rush

People rush from a car park to get to work


A moving box parks itself until the 5 o’clock freedom rings the office bell. Polished shoes and designer heels rapidly progress as they meet the cold concrete.  The call of the office worker abides by the rhythm of the working day as it echoes within the urban jungle.

Fluorescent lights gleam upon the clinical cubicle illuminating the to do list. The awaking of the enslaved wired communication device, which sits before them, quickly changes the focus. The cloud and network entangles the inbox as the office worker gazes at the workload building before them. Messages and meetings overflow from their mind. The viral list never seems to end.

But hark a sound of freedom – the tick of the last second before the clock strains to five. The fight has just begun.

Accelerators hit the floor as the chorus of bleating horns flood the air. Egos dribble and spill from the monotonous radio. Slow moving metal clots the road. Minutes turn and the hour passes.

A beacon of light shines upon the weary traveller as the familiar driveway signals home. The castle door opens and shuts out the rush. A sigh of relief fills the halting car.

Another day. Another dollar. The time to hang up the suit has come. A deserving break awaits the tired worker for the cycle will continue.


Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!