Portrait Photography in Fremantle

After work yesterday I ventured to the top of Monument Hill in Fremantle to take advantage of its towering presence over the suburbs. The clouds were out in full force bouncing some beautiful light and it was my goal to capture them for later Photoshop use.

The sun was setting and I had carded a few great shots when I noticed another photographer in the area photographing a beautiful model.

I approached them both and introduced myself.  I then asked if it would be okay to take a few photos, to which they replied no worries. My cloud photos could wait!

I found out the photographer and model had only been in Australia just over a month…when I asked them, are you enjoying living here? They both replied at the same time “its hot!”

Model photographed at sunset

model photographed at sunset

These photos were captured using the Canon EOS 1D MK IV and Sigma 120-300mm

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting


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