Sandpatch – Albany Western Australia

Paul Pichugin was with me when I took this image last Sunday.

You can just make out the Albany Windfarm in the distance on top of the high cliff. My camera, lens and Lee filters got hammered with salt spray….”If only I had a smaller camera body with built in filters, prime lenses and an awesome weather proof/dust proof body and lens” hehehe…..I’ll keep you guessing on that one……not long now… this space!

Later on I will post an image of me taking this photo (an image that Paul took shooting with our combined Canon 800mm!)


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January 2012 –

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Camera Course

Last week Andrew Halsall and myself (Leigh Diprose) ran a Camera Course which was promoted through selected Camera House stores; Midland, Morley, Joondalup and Fremantle. On the course participants were encouraged to interact with their cameras on a completely new level. The course covered everything from camera controls, landscape, portrait, macro, flash photography and quite a bit more!

The highlight of the course was putting all the new knowledge to practice with a model shoot out a Araluen Botanical Park in Roleystone. Participants were put into groups and were assigned a task to produce the best portrait photograph. A customer from Joondalup Camera House took out the best portrait photograph and was awarded an awesome Kata bag!

The next course dates and location (the next course will be held in Fremantle) have been finalised so make sure you book early as spots are limited.

If you would like to find out more information about the camera courses please visit the camera course website here. On the website you will also find details of the brand new Adobe Lightroom course.

Pictured below are some of the photographs from the small group model shoot. Enjoy.

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Australia Day Skyshow 2012

Here is the first of my photographs taken at the Australia Day Skyshow 2012 in Perth, Western Australia. I will post some more next week.

Make sure you share this image around if you like it. Enjoy.

Australia Day Fireworks

Going to be at the skyshow tonight. Hoping to get some great images of the fireworks from South Perth. I will be streaming LIVE from South Perth on my google hangout – Photography Chat be sure to tune just before 8pm.

To check out my google profile go to:

+Leigh Diprose

Leigh Diprose Photography Update

Recently I have been flat out with social media, consultancy work, weddings, camera courses, managing a camera store and working on my secret product so I haven’t had a chance to catch up with the blog. To all the fans…I am hoping to have some images up early next week so keep an eye out.

Until then.

Happy Shooting.