Greens Pool, Denmark WA

I shot this one with David Sobik last weekend at Greens Pool. The sun was producing some interesting light due to the smoke from a bush fire.

I’m not quite sure on this one so I have put it on the blog to get some thoughts….




Steady Sobik Steady

Its not often that I take photographs of other photographers.  You are very lucky David. This one I took at Madfish bay also. Used ND16 on this one.

Madfish Bay

I went out in the middle of the day with David Sobik to photograph some classic blue sky shots at Madfish Bay near Demark, Western Australia. Came into a bit of a problem with the light. Calm had decided that they wanted to do an aerial burn. Bye bye blue sky.  However filters to the rescue!

If you would like to know the story behind this photos and see a photo of me taking this photo click here.  I got a bit wet for this shot!


Too close?

Yes I know more lion shots….I have 600 or more images of lion to go….

I took these images from the car window where I had one hand on the ignition and the other on the shutter. The problem was I was driving a ‘new’ 4WD that had electric windows. I had to turn the car off to reduce any vibrations. If the lion was going to attack there would be no time to turn on the car, pull in the lens and press the button to wind the window up….I was shaking in my boots! Africa can be a deadly place at times!