Many people don’t have the patience when it comes to photographing animals. It takes a lot of waiting around and quite a few days to get what you want. The age old saying “never work with babies or animals” is so true!

Persistance is the other thing you will need a lot of when trying to capture that winning image. I have lost count of the number days that I have been to the same location just hoping that it might be my lucky day. Eventually you might get it and thats the day you sit back with a cold beer in one hand, hopefully cheque in the other and a big smile on your face.

So I encourage every photographer out there…landscape, wedding, portrait, artistic or just plain amature to take your camera and lens, point it at an animal and click! Then send me the link to your photo and I will post it on my blog so everyone can see it.

Happy Shooting.

Leigh Diprose



At this stage my reaction was to pull the lens in, start the car very very quickly and power the electric windows up so I wouldn’t get eaten.

The setup I took to the Kruger worked for me. I took the following…

1x Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II,   1x Canon 1D MK III,   1x Canon 40D with grip,   1x Simga 10mm f2.8 fisheye,    1x Canon 85mm f1.2,    1x Sigma 120-300mm f2.8,    1x Sigma 2x teleconvertor,  1x Velbon Sherpa Pro 8 with Manfrotto Monopod Head,   160GB external HD,    Trusty HP laptop and various other camera accessories.

I hired a Kia Sportivo (never buy one they are horrible) for the height and seating arrangement. My carbon fiber Velbon Sherpa Pro 8 sat snuggly between the seat adjustment located on the right hand side of my seat and the door. It allowed me to shoot completely hands free with the 1D and sigma 120-300 & 2x convertor just a swivel away. Tracking subjects was easy. I will post some photos of some birds and Wild Dog that I drove next to while shooting.

All together I did about 1000kms at a top speed of 50kms.

Problems: Rental Cars are horrible in Africa. Book well in advance. The car you book is not the one you will ever end up with.

For my next trip I plan to go to the Okavango Swamps. Any keen photographers willing to put their lives on the line to get the shot let me know. I could use the bait!

Keep checking the blog to see a range of animals and the occasional landscape shot.

Until then. Enjoy

Spotted Eagle Owl

This bird just sounds great! An eagle and an owl combinded what more could you want?

I just wish that it had a big fat mongoose or something hanging from its mouth. That would have really made the shot – oh well…it just means I will have to go back to Africa again – damm.

This ones my favorite..

I hope you all like the new redesigned frame.

Look out for the next post….LION! Stay tuned.

Happy Shooting

Leigh Diprose

Kloof Falls

Well back from Africa and I’m drowning in photos to edit!

A little bit behind the shot:

Handheld at the full length of a monopod using a self timer at 1/6 of a second on slippery rocks!

The result (a tad blurry):

Happy Shooting!

Leigh Diprose

It’s not a phase it’s a reality check

Went to the phase one night at team digital and soaked up everything that the phase and leaf offered. Canon is childs play in comparison. If you are after quality then the phase is the camera for you. A big thankyou to Ben and Christian for the enthusiasm for bettering photography in WA
Better go now Im sitting at the airport. The lions are waiting in Africa!

AFRICA: Updated Posted…Lions tomorrow….this is the last post for a few weeks. Until then,

Happy Shooting..