Something about this image grabs my attention. I think it is the clear blue water in the background.  I was keen to get out and about and try my new 400mm f5.6 L lens. I’m planning to take this lens to Africa – September next year. Can’t wait!



After my new office set up (see previous post) I was inspired to post another Karijini photograph.

Also an update on the massive Stirling ranges multi-row stitch…..with so many files it takes my computer a long long time to process anything. Hopefully I should have it done soon so stay tuned!

Until then – Happy Shooting

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Office Upgrade

Some exciting news! I finally set up my Crompton lights!

I ordered two Crompton DIY slimline 20w T4 linkable fluorescent lights and have set them up perminatley in my office. For those of you that don’t know I am a bit of  a perfectionist when it comes to colour – even though I am colour blind!

I painted my office walls in Adobe Lightroom colours and now I have set up my 6500K lights! It just means that when I calibrate my monitor with my X-rite eye-0ne calibration device I have perfect ambient lighting at the colour temperature of daylight! Perfect for editing!

I got the paint mixed up to match these Adobe Lightroom colours.

Ahhh…my beautiful lights!


I was going to head to Karijini at the end of the month to join up with Christian Fletcher (our Fujifilm X100 ambassador)  but instead I will be heading to Karratha and Port Hedland.  The logistics  are just too much for my head at the moment…not to mention the cost! I’m looking forward to getting some decent shots on the drive from Port Hedland to Karratha so stay tuned.

Also if anyone is interested in the X100 they should register their names with Camera Electronic or Team Digital because we (Fujifilm) have organised a launch night on the 6th April. Strict numbers will apply as well as a very smart dress code!

For more information check out the Camera Electronic or Team Digital’s blog sites! I’ll see you there – although I will be working with my Fujifilm cap on!

Until then.

Happy shooting!


“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa twice” – R. Elliot

Happy Shooting! Enjoy

African Elephant

What is with my mind only being creative at night???? It seems like I only post images late at night!

I searched my Elephant data base and found this image which was perfect for a bit of B&W and a touch of film grain.

My thoughts are the blacks in the image are a little bit too crushed but hey I kind of like that.

Thanks for taking the time to view my images.  I really enjoy your comments so keep them coming!