Images for PMA

These two images were taken last week and will be used as samples for the Fujifilm Finepix HS10 at the Fujifilm stand at PMA.

Not bad for a $649 camera!

Happy Shooting!



Giraffes – Africa

If you have ever tried to photograph Giraffes in the wild you will know that it is tricky.

The tricky thing is knowing what lens to shot with.

Should it be a wide angle or telephoto?

Both present problems. In the end I went with the telephoto to crop any distracting trees out of the image. The only advantage I see that the wide offers is that you get the whole animal. This disadvantage is that end up looking like a tourist shot – something I’m keen to avoid.

Took this one at 1/1000 at f8 – 600mm. Looking at the image I’m kicking myself. I should have shot it vertical!


Rubble & Ruin

Well it has been quite sometime since the last post.  The wedding season is almost over and I now have a little bit of a break on the weekends.

Time to catch up on the 6,000 images waiting to be edited…here is one of them. Enjoy

Happy Shooting!



When you go to Africa this is the most common type of animal you find as everything seems to eat it. Impala are truly beautiful creatures. If you ever get the chance spend a day with them and it will be a day you won’t forget.

I was driving past when I saw this and it instantly reminded me of the classic Bambi shot. All it needed was Thumper in the foreground and a little blue bird sitting on the branch above.


Leigh Diprose