Photographers and Bloggers Get Together


Enough Gear?


Getting ready for a wedding shoot in Albany tomorrow. Is this enough gear?David Sobik is a want-to-be canon shooter clearly!!! you can see the good side is the right hand side – the “red” side not the gold side.

Sneak Peak – My new wedding website

Thought I might share my new Perth Wedding Website –



The site is still under construction so please be patient …my fingers are a swollen from all the website building!



Also remember not long now for the 2011 WA Photographer and Bloggers Get Together!!!

See you all soon :)

2011 Bloggers and Photographers Get Together Update

It is official. The invite has gone WA wide!!

There will be some photographers coming from around the state including Geraldton and Albany so make sure you keep spreading the word about this free event. There is only 9 days to go!

Just to clarify –

  1. Partners and family members (including the little ones)  are welcome
  2. There is no cost to come and eat
  3. It is an open invite – so send the invitation to any other photographers out there!
The BBQ menu has been set:
Tender Porterhouse Steak
Minted Lamb Kebabs
Gourmet Italian & 100% Chicken Sausages.
Complementing the meal:
Gourmet Greek Salad.
Fresh Caesar Salad
Creamy Potato Salad
Mediterranean Farfalle Pasta.
BBQ Onions – Traditional favourites.
Assorted dinner & large bread rolls –with butter portions
Condiments – Tomato and BBQ sauce.
BEER, BEER & MORE BEER (and some wine)

Canon EOS-1D X

Well the camera of the YEAR is finally here! (well the specs…)

The specs on this beautiful piece of machinery stand out over the Nikon D3s and the previous Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII & Canon EOS 1D MKIV by a long shot! Having used all the above cameras I can’t wait to test this full frame sensor on a wedding; find the lowest lit landscape to workout the ridiculous noise capability or even photograph the wildest beast in Africa at 14 frames per second.  Photography never looked and sounded so good.

Boasting a massive 18.1MP full frame Complimentary Metal Oxide Sensor; ISO range 100 – 204800 (expanded); Dual Digic 5+ image processors for amazing processing speeds and enhanced noise reduction; 14 bit image processing and to top it off the camera has been reworked to house 2x CF card slots instead of the previous CF and SD slots.

On the video side the camera has gone to the next level incorporating timecode – which is essential for broadcast productions so that multiple cameras can be synchronised perfectly. Something I will be getting into in the future.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one. This camera is a MUST for my growing kit.


Want to know more?

Check out:

Canon or DPreview

Hemidactylus frenatus (aka gecko)

If you are at the 2011 Bloggers and Photographers Get together coming up on the 30th October 2011 you might see one of these little geckos!

For the photography fans out there…shot on the Canon EOS 1D MKIII with the Canon MPE-65 macro @ f2.8

This is probably one of the last of my Canon EOS 1D MK III images to be posted as I have recently upgraded to a Canon EOS 1D MKIV….the new love of my life!

Happy Shooting!