Dutch Tilt at Cosy Corner

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Take this shot for example I deliberately shot this photo with a dutch tilt to enhance the motion of the oncoming wave. If I had photographed this image with a straight horizon the motion of the wave wouldn’t have the same effect. What do you think? Do you think it works without having the horizon straight?

A Dutch tilt technique applied to a photograph of Cosy Corner


Until next time – Happy Shooting.


Being an Australian Photographer

Being an Australian photographer is rewarding as the diverse landscape offers some truly remarkable locations. The Pinnacles is located along the coast of Western Australia near Jurien Bay. Whenever I look at this photo my eye is lead through the passage of towering rocks into the unknown. A total of 5 images combined with a sandpaper texture were used to create this vertical stitch.

Is this image your cup of tea?

I’m really interested to hear your feed back on the sort of images you like seeing on this blog. The feedback is really important to me as I am planning to make all my landscape and wildlife photos I take next year free to download. There will of course be an option to donate if you wish. You can read about my future plans in an article written by Maximilian Majewski. Check out the link to the article on one of my previous posts – The Meaning of Free

Please leave a comment below and let me know what sort of photos you would like to see in the future. Thank you.

The Pinnacles located at Cervantes near Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Until next time – Happy Shooting

The Scene Was Born

The deafening howl increased as wind shuttled passed my ears.  My vision was temporarily interrupted, the blast of sand in my eyes was agonizing.  Recovering the gritty debris from my vision I wasn’t about to retreat to the car without exercising my camera. Nothing was going to stop me.

The picture before me was developing into a scene…one that was worth waiting for.

The light was starting to revel itself from lost clouds gathering on the distant horizon.  Secure in its footings the wooden jetty stood strong against the battling water thrashing against its dilapidating wooden boards. Seaweed draped over the edge of the wet structure breaking up horizontal repetition within the frame.  My mind raced as fast as the clouds gathered in front of me.

With the fishing trawler awaiting a new dawn  the light above began to broadcast itself between the clouds. A magical glow illuminated the camera sensor into action. The scene was born.
A jetty at Port Gregory Western Australia

If you would like to see the scene I also took from this spot check out my recent post – Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!

Rural Tractor

When I saw this scene on the side of the road I had to stop and take a photo. I used to drive a tractor similar to this once. Every second day I would get up early in the morning to deliver hay to hungry cows. Living in the country was certainly on the of great joys in life. Fresh air and vast landscapes….what more could you want?

A tractor sitting in a paddock


Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Free Fine Art Photography – August 2012 – Osprey

The latest FREE fine art photograph is ready to be downloaded.

August 2012 – Osprey.jpeg



A Free Fine Art Photo of an Osprey

Until next time – Happy Shooting!

The New Fujifilm X-E1 X-Series Camera

POST UPDATED WITH NEW SPECIFICATIONS (SEE **UPDATED**) – 6TH SEPTEMBER 2012The new fuji xe1 with pop up flash

Fujifilm are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to extreme developments within the imaging industry. Over the past decade Fujifilm released a number of exciting developments within professional photography arena.

The incredible Fujifilm S3 is still a camera that brings back great memories for professional wedding and studio photographers. I believe we are seeing another revolution in imaging with the ever-increasing family of  X-Series cameras.

The recent X-100 camera has been highly successful for the iconic brand due to the manual design and impressive image quality. The X-100 camera has been out now for almost two years (announced 19th September 2010) so it really is no surprise that Fujifilm will be continuing the X-Series legacy with a new line of X series cameras. The X-E1 is one of those cameras soon to be announced by Fujifilm.

I have had a look at what the Fujifilm X-E1 may offer and I can speculate the following specifications.

Pictured below is Japanese made X-E1 which boasts the new XF 18-55mm lens with Super EBC coating.

The new Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55 XF Lens

14 Megapixels **UPDATED** 16 Megapixels

APS-C size sensor

Electronic Viewfinder – 460,000 Screen Dots **AMENDED** ** This should be screen resolution **

3.0″ LCD Screen

Diopter adjustment

Full HD Movie Recording

Electronic hot shoe to suit the Fujifilm EF-X20, EF42 and EF20 flash units.

Screw in shutter release for long exposures

7 White Balance Presets

RAW file format

Autofocus Modes – Contrast Detect (sensor), Centre, Continuous, Live View, Multi area and Single

HDMI output

USB 2.0

Exposure Compensation Dial +2, +1, 0, -1, -2

ISO Control Auto, 100-6400 (expandable to 12800) **UPDATED** (expandable to 25600)

Film Simulation Mode

Built in pop up flash (I would imagine this would be rated to 7-12 metres)

XF Lens Mount

AF/AE Lock

Still, Continuous and Manual Autofocus Modes

Bulb Shutter

3.0″ LCD Screen **UPDATED** (2.8″ LCD Screen)

SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot

NP-95 battery or NP-50  (Battery Life around 250 – 270 photos) **UPDATED** (Battery NP-W126 – Battery Life around 350 photos)

Level Assist and guide lines as a display mode

Customizable Function Button

Quick Mode – Where the user will be able to change the majority of camera settings without accessing the menu system.

AF Selection Mode

Silver or Black design

I would imagine the camera would be nice to hold as it looks to be a similar size to Fujifilm X-100. However the camera does look a bit smaller than the Fujifilm X-Pro 1.

The XF lens pin configuration system on the X-E1 is the same on the X-Pro 1 – hence my conclusion for the 6 different focus modes.

Fujifilm X-E1 Front without lens

the new fuji xe1 back

the new fuji xe1 top view

I’m sure this camera will be affordable for the pro-enthusiast. I can imagine the price to be around AU$1499.00 including the XF 18-55mm lens  (AU$999 Body only?) . This of course is purely speculation as the camera hasn’t been officially announced by Fujifilm. If you want to read more about the X-Series camera system be sure to check out my review on the Fujifilm X-Pro 1.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!