Our Largest Native Bird…

….well they will be one day! These little guys always put a smile on my face whenever I look at this photo.



Greens Pool

With the out of control fire near Denmark at the moment I was lucky to get a blue sky. I thought I would change the perspective and shoot this beautiful location from the other side of the beach.


Gordon River

Not sure if I like this photo. Shooting into the sun can be difficult at times. I find that lens flare, silhouettes and contrast issues are normally the result when I include the sun in any photo. Maybe I should have shot with image as a HDR….

What do you think? Any tips for shooting directly at the sun?

FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 52

I have been following Jared’s posts for a while now and decided that it was time to contribute to the RAW edit – Week 52.

Quite a good idea really. You download the provided RAW image and edit how you like then post it to the forum. Some of the work on the forum is truly amazing!

Here is my take on the RAW file:



Here you go Ian. You can see the results. Maybe this is something I should do from now on. Post the finished versions after the video.

Thanks for stopping by!


The original RAW converted to JPEG


and the edited RAW converted to JPEG

Mission Complete!

The Mac setup is complete! NASA control ready to launch at Leigh Diprose Photography.

I have successfully switched from PC to Mac. HOORAY!

Two independent screens working off the macbook PRO – 2x 27″ screens and MacBook Pro Screen making a total of three calibrated screens, WD 8 TB HDs worth of space (1, 1, 2 & 4TBs), Ipad 2, Iphone, HD Webcam, THX Speaker setup and one well worked HP laptop that is now unplugged for good!

Thinking I might need another usb hub! 10 full slots and counting.

So from all this expect more video tutorials, photo editing, images and everything else to do with photography.