A sad day today, we lost Misty  (one of my fur kids)  today to a tiger snake.  We knew something was up when she walked inside like she had too much to drink. We had to take her to the vet and put her down. It was a very sad day today. Horrible in fact.

She was a fantastic cat as soon as you would arrive at home she would be there to greet you. She would know when it was dinner time and remind you and would always manage to take a day nap on the bed, the lounge or her favorite chest.

The saddest thing is Prowl her sister is still out tonight looking for her. She spent all day wandering calling for her. Its horrible. She and Misty had a such a close bond and have never spent a day apart.

Misty we will miss you.


South Point

This is a great little location. Rocks in the foreground surrounded by pristine beach. A surfers paradise. What more could you want? Margaret River has it all!


VR Photography – its a challange!

Well its panoramic photography on a new level for me. Its all just for fun. You actually see the world in 3D with Virtual Reality (VR) photography. You can feel like you are really there. However I am still trying to master the art of this. So please bare with me.

Feel free to roam the first of many VR panoramics – Boranup Forest. All you need to do is click your mouse and drag over the image! Enjoy.

Copy the link below and paste it in your address bar and get ready to explore!


Ellensbrook Homestead

Margaret River is such a beautiful place to visit or even live! I can recommend if you are going down that way and need a nice place to eat your lunch with the family – this is the place for you! Ellensbrook Homestead has some lovely old tables by the flowing stream or you can just find a bit of lawn to sit down on, either way it’s very relaxing.

Hope you all are enjoying your break. I am!

Happy Shooting


Meekadarabee Falls

I shot this on the last morning of my trip down south. I heard from numerous people that the nearby historic homestead was worth a visit. Unfortunately polly pipe doesn’t make the best photos – when I got there the local ranger seemed to be watering all the lawns. So I was only able to take some tight shots of Ellensbrook Homestead. Photos of the building will be up shortly.

I hope you all enjoy your break and have a very happy New Year.

For those that want to know…This shot was taken at ISO 400, 1/1000 @ f2.8. Shot at 300mm. There wasn’t a lot of light as the sun was setting. Although it would have been nice to capture some mist on the water. Maybe next time I will have to go back on a really cold morning

Happy Shooting everyone