A Moment I Had Longed To See

The charging bull elephant stampeded into the murky water, thrusting his long trunk high into the air.

The sound of splashing ringed in my ears. Blackened water erupted, upsetting the surface and its rival wake, each heaving step pounded in an effortless hustle.

My vision was drawn to the elephant’s emotive eye, its hazy reflection stared back at me, filling my finder.

I watched the backlight silhouette his age showing nothing but moving muscle and wrinkled hide.

His victory song could be heard for miles, the loud trumpeting signifying for his young family to follow.

Witnessing this experience was surely the heart of Africa. A moment I had longed to see.

African Elephant 011

Photographed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa




Portrait of a Barn Owl

This fine art portrait of a Barn Owl was photographed on one of my visits to South Africa.

Barn Owl

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

The Golden Elephant

Photographed in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

African Elephant

I really didn’t want to get any closer than this. This guy was huge!

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

2013 Calendar African Wildlife Art


My African wildlife art can now hang on your wall every day of the year! If you are an African lover then this calendar is for you.

Calendars can be printed and delivered by Christmas if you get in early. To order and view the full 2013 Calendar “African Wildlife Art” simply click on the image below. Enjoy.

A photographic calendar of African Wildlife by Leigh Diprose

African Wildlife Calendar by Leigh Diprose

What Makes A Good Black and White Photo?


Have you ever wondered what makes a good black and white photo?

When I photographed this Warthog in the Kruger National Park, I was anticipating the final image to be in colour however after a quick conversation to black and white in Photoshop I changed my mind.

What do you think makes a decent black and white photo? Do you think it has anything to do with the texture or is it something else. I’m still scratching my head. Please tell me the answer!
A warthog eating grass in the Kruger National Park

Textured Impala




Cropped to a square, the original image was too clean so film grain was added to enhance the detail. I have been debating whether to put this image on the blog. Do you think the texture works on this photo? Feedback needed good and bad please!

A close up photograph of an Impala


Until next time – Happy Shooting.