The future of cameras


The next generation of cameras to come will merge smart phone technologies and picture taking together in one seamless design concept. I remember hearing such statements years ago however it doesn’t seem that far fetched any more. Leica has recently come to the table with a CMOS 12.1MP sensor design concept showing that this really could be a possibility.

The coined “Leica i9” camera phone of the future would also boast an impressive 8x optical zoom. I’m just wondering what price this would come out at. I’m pretty sure dpreview, B&H and Amazon will be keeping their feelers out on this one. Can’t wait!

Lets just hope that Canon can pick up their game when it comes to merging the two technologies together!



So if you could have any feature on a camera what would you choose?



I went out to Sharp Point near Albany to capture the sunset with Andrew Halsall, David Sobik and his mate Steven Hurley yesterday afternoon.

Albany was full of smoke from some very inconsiderate people burning off. Sort of spoiled the grand day Albany was having….

Having just got back to Perth in the wee hours of the morning….this was the result from yesterday afternoon.  Enjoy




All Aboard the Photoshop Train

What happens when you spend half an hour in Photoshop CS5 combining  the following six images….

You end up with this!


I must admit this image does need a little bit more work but I will leave that for another day. Have an early start and a bit of driving to do! Stay tuned to see some images taken along side Andrew Halsall and David “noise muncher” Sobik.

Happy Shooting.


This is another image I took when I went out for a sunset shoot near the Greenough River Mouth with Wade, Shawn, Mel & Zoe. To this day the smell of rotting seaweed still makes me want to be sick! I almost threw up when I stepped out of the car. With a blocked nose and on the verge of vommiting I managed to pull off this shot. It made it worth it!

I wanted to capture the movement of the water and the afterglow of the sunset. Pity there was no clouds that day.  I think I’m going to brave it again and get back out to this beautiful location.