Kings Park

I had a bit of a play with this photo in Photoshop to try and create a 3D effect. Do you think it worked? Vote below.



Creating Art With Photoshop

I have just finished a video tutorial for F Stop Lounge on how to create art using Photoshop. Click on the picture to be taken to the video tutorial. Be sure to comment over on F Stop Lounge if you found the tutorial helpful.

How to create art using Photoshop


Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!

The Morning Rush

People rush from a car park to get to work


A moving box parks itself until the 5 o’clock freedom rings the office bell. Polished shoes and designer heels rapidly progress as they meet the cold concrete.  The call of the office worker abides by the rhythm of the working day as it echoes within the urban jungle.

Fluorescent lights gleam upon the clinical cubicle illuminating the to do list. The awaking of the enslaved wired communication device, which sits before them, quickly changes the focus. The cloud and network entangles the inbox as the office worker gazes at the workload building before them. Messages and meetings overflow from their mind. The viral list never seems to end.

But hark a sound of freedom – the tick of the last second before the clock strains to five. The fight has just begun.

Accelerators hit the floor as the chorus of bleating horns flood the air. Egos dribble and spill from the monotonous radio. Slow moving metal clots the road. Minutes turn and the hour passes.

A beacon of light shines upon the weary traveller as the familiar driveway signals home. The castle door opens and shuts out the rush. A sigh of relief fills the halting car.

Another day. Another dollar. The time to hang up the suit has come. A deserving break awaits the tired worker for the cycle will continue.


Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!

Free Fine Art Photography – November 2012

The latest FREE fine art photographs are ready to be downloaded.

November 2012 – Rottnest Island.jpg

November 2012 – Quokka.jpg


Free Fine Art Photography - November 2012 - Quokka

Free Fine Art Photography - November 2012 - Rottnest Island

I hope you enjoy the photos and feel free to use them for whatever you like.


Circular Pool Abstract Art

Abstract art is one of my newly found passions so expect to see a few more like this.

I created this art by combining 5 photos from a recent photography session at Circular Pool. What do you think? Is this type of photography your cup of tea?

Circular Pool, Western AustraliaUntil Next Time – Happy Shooting.


Follow me to the water

Lake Clifton located in Western Australia


Watching and waiting, anticipating the sparkle in the sky the reflection of light grew intensely as I composed the scene before me.

Time was no factor I stood still in the cold night air waiting to see a shooting star – a glistening hope before my eyes. I waited but alas the spectacle didn’t happen. Instead the gentle breeze blew across my face as it played within the scene.

Artistic patterns marbled on the water’s surface freezing in time. Trees on the horizon danced as my camera captured the chorus of movement before me. Warming light from the nearby town seemed like a galaxy far away. My eyes were cast upward to the beauty of the atmosphere that seemed to engulf my presence.

A universe of light danced upon the glassy mirror.  Twinkling stars pierced through the darkness with the brightest forming stairways that led to the sky. Was this my path was this the light?

Captured using the Fujifilm X-Pro 1

5 Images

35mm – ISO 200 – f1.4 – 30 Seconds Per Image

Edited and Stitched using Photoshop CS5