Being an Australian Photographer

Being an Australian photographer is rewarding as the diverse landscape offers some truly remarkable locations. The Pinnacles is located along the coast of Western Australia near Jurien Bay. Whenever I look at this photo my eye is lead through the passage of towering rocks into the unknown. A total of 5 images combined with a sandpaper texture were used to create this vertical stitch.

Is this image your cup of tea?

I’m really interested to hear your feed back on the sort of images you like seeing on this blog. The feedback is really important to me as I am planning to make all my landscape and wildlife photos I take next year free to download. There will of course be an option to donate if you wish. You can read about my future plans in an article written by Maximilian Majewski. Check out the link to the article on one of my previous posts – The Meaning of Free

Please leave a comment below and let me know what sort of photos you would like to see in the future. Thank you.

The Pinnacles located at Cervantes near Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Until next time – Happy Shooting


Abandoned Wreck


The distant memories of a loved car – forever forgotten.

Ghostly trees stood still, silently witnessing the devastating scene. The abandoned wreck lay alone and motionless.

Blistering paint cracked and peeled under the burning light; heat to intense to move. The ride was no more.

Pride and joy just a distant memory.

Forever lost. Forever forgotten.

An abandoned wreck in the Pilbara, Western Australia


Until next time – Happy Shooting!

Moora – Video Tutorial Final Result

I  just finished a video for you all on how to get the following stylized result. Considering the time (wee hours of the morning!) there is bound to be some mistakes. Ahhhh this takes me back to all-nighters in Sydney editing films and commercials! MMMMMmmmm COFFEE!!!!

The tutorial comes with the following recommendations/warnings:

1) Turn on the kettle and pour a nice hot beverage

2) Even better….just head straight to the wine cabinet

3) Take notes!

4) Don’t fall asleep.

Finally,  if  this tutorial has helped make sure you repost it on you’re site so others can share the love. Just copy and paste the following link: