FEED PHOTOGRAPHER – Where Photographers Gather

Exciting news- there is a new community minded photographers blog/site called “Feed Photographer”

The site has been designed as a one stop shop so you can see all you’re favorite photographers latest posts on the one page!

The two latest posts from every photographer are displayed on the Feed Photographer site via their own RSS feed.

All you will need to do is simply visit this site to see who has been posting, click on the photographers post and you will be redirected to the photographers page – simple!

If you don’t see yourself on this page please turn on your RSS feed (see wordpress.com help if you don’t know how) and email leighdiprosephotography@yahoo.com.au so I can add you to the feed.

Feed Photographer – “Where Photographers Gather” will be developed over time to include the following features.

1) Google chat – this will be an interactive message board where members of the Feed Photographer group will be able to share what is happening in their part of the world. For example if you are planning a shoot and want to meet up with other members then you would simply tell people about your event on this secure chat room. Also if you are running any workshops this will be great way to spread the word.

2) Links to Photographers sites (blogroll)

3) Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, linkedin etc

If you have any suggestions on how you could make this site better for everyone please drop me an email and I’ll make your suggestion happen.

My contact details are as follows:

Leigh Diprose
Email- leighdiprosephotography@yahoo.com.au
Phone- 0408 957 090

The address for Feed Photographer is:


Be sure to add this site to you’re blogroll and spread the great news.


Moora – Video Tutorial Final Result

I  just finished a video for you all on how to get the following stylized result. Considering the time (wee hours of the morning!) there is bound to be some mistakes. Ahhhh this takes me back to all-nighters in Sydney editing films and commercials! MMMMMmmmm COFFEE!!!!

The tutorial comes with the following recommendations/warnings:

1) Turn on the kettle and pour a nice hot beverage

2) Even better….just head straight to the wine cabinet

3) Take notes!

4) Don’t fall asleep.

Finally,  if  this tutorial has helped make sure you repost it on you’re site so others can share the love. Just copy and paste the following link:



Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo

Over the last couple of weeks the Macadamia tree in the backyard has attracted some beautiful creatures. Sitting patiently I managed to capture a curious Carnaby last weekend.

When the flock return next weekend (guaranteed!) I hope to capture some birds feeding on the Macadamia nuts. Although at times like this I tend to put down the camera and enjoy watching the endangered birds calling and carrying on.

Until next time

Happy Shooting