Instashop – Pine Forest

After editing more wedding photos I thought I would put together an Instagram inspired photo in photoshop before I call it a night/morning. I call it Instashop!

Instashop – I highly recommend giving this a go. Simply open your photo in Photoshop, crop to a square and play. Let me know what results you come up with by sending me a link on the blog or Facebook. I look forward to see some crazy results!

A road between the woods in a pine forest

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


Albany Entertainment Centre

One of my first stops on my recent holiday was at the Albany Entertainment Centre. When I arrived in Albany I sent a message out on Facebook to see if anyone was keen to join me for a night photography shoot at Middleton Beach.

Local photographer Tina Bartley jumped at the idea. I have quite a bit of respect for this amazing lady. Tina is an amazing photographer with a keen eye for detail and composition. I have known Tina for some time as we meet on one of my courses I ran with Andrew Halsall while I lived in Albany (a few years back).

Thanks Tina for coming along and driving me around that night! I look forward to seeing many more of your fabulous images. Here is one of mine images from the night taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1.

Stairs leading up the Albany Entertainment Centre photographed at night

Until next time – Happy Shooting

Photography Competition – Hey, Hot Shot!

After working on a recent wedding most of the night I decided to take a break and enter a photography competition. I found myself catching up on emails after being distracted from a photo competition search on google. To my surprise I opened an email from Photojojo and found a link to a Jen Bekman Project called Hey, Hot Shot.

With a competition name like Hey, Hot Shot I knew that this photography challenge was going to be a little different.

I had a quick read of the main page and was surprised to hear that this was more than an ordinary photography competition – “Hey, Hot Shot! provides an ongoing platform for photographers at all stages of their career by providing unrivaled exposure, support and recognition through Bekman Projects (which also includes Jen Bekman Gallery and 20×200).” I continued reading…”Each year, one talented image maker will receive a $10,000 honorarium, in addition to the hallmark awards Bekman Projects offers.”

I was sold. I had to enter! I decided to visit the archives for this competition. Below are the five photos which formed one entry into the competition.The competition closes the 14th November 2012. For more information check out the Hey, Hot Shot website.

water calm

“Hudor Calme”






Parts of this text forming this post were taken from Hey, Hot Shots! website.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!

New GoPro Hero3 – Black Edition

GoPro Hero3 – Black Edition

The new Go Pro Hero 3 camera - black edition

I can’t wait to get one of these GoPro Hero 3 cameras! I have the GoPro Hero 2 which should work along side the Hero 3 (most of the new accessories like the new LCD touch screen should also work with the new one once firmware has been updated).

I am planning to use the WiFi remote to control both cameras at the same time so hopefully in the near future you will be seeing more of me!


Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Free Fine Art Photography – October 2012 – Circular Pool

The latest FREE fine art photograph is ready to be downloaded.

October 2012 – Circular Pool.tiff


You can use the photo for whatever you like. Enjoy.


Circular Pool in the south west of Western Australia

Until next time – Happy Shooting

Sony A99 Creative Photography Test


Another jpeg image from the Sony A99. This time I wanted to push the jpeg file of the flowers to the limits to see what the end quality would be like.  Please remember this was shot at ISO 5000!

Close up of flowers - Creative Photography

Sony A99 – Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM – 70mm – ISO 5000 – f4.0 – 1/500 sec – Photoshop CS5

Until next time – Happy Shooting