Ipad is here

Well I got my ipad today (thanks Fujifilm) and I have already downloaded some movies via my home network. I know David is going to say something about me having another mac gadget…(insert comment here David).

If anyone has any tips on posting or any good apps please let me know.

I will be in Tasmania on 2nd of December. Hopefully learn a few things from Nick and Christian. Can’t wait!



Horrocks Beach

About two weeks ago I went to Geraldton for work. On saturday morning I managed to get myself up at 4am for the sunrise to go and take photos out at Horrocks Beach with Shawn and Zoe.

Shot this image with my trousers rolled up and tripod legs submerged in the water.  I have a few more to go through so stay tuned.

Make sure you check out Shawn’s and  Zoe’s blogs.  They both have some amazing images.

The Recent Wedding of Rebecca and Joel

I felt so privileged to be part of Joel & Rebecca’s wedding day. As Albany, Western Australia put on a unforgettable glorious  day we set out to several locations to capture some everlasting memories.

I must thank the bridal party for bringing so much emotion and laughter to the afternoon.  A great day was had by all. If I could sum up the feeling throughout the day it would be – fun!

Joel & Rebecca wanted a timeless  theme to their photographs with lots of sepia tones while still bringing a young fresh feel to their memories. I have included just a few images out of the 800 or so that I took alongside my assistant for the day, David Sobik.

I am very pleased with the memories that we captured on the day. This wouldn’t have been possible without such a great group of people, so I would like to thank everyone involved for bringing so much joy to the day.

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I do.

Vervet Monkey

Thought I might post a self portrait!

Monkeys certainly keep you on your toes as a photographer. This little ball of fur was frantically running around from the canopy to the ground. Up down, up down it just didn’t end!  Patiently I watched this little critter for about 20 minutes and managed to capture the take away.