Something is a bit fishy!

Fish? What the?

Shouldn’t it be birds on my blog?


PTGui Pro Tutorial – What you need to know

If you are doing a bit of stitching for landscape photography you will more than likely be using PTGui for stitching your panos together.

There are a few things that I will show you that you may not know about.

Before you open your images follow these steps. By following the simple steps you will be keeping your 16bit files as 16bit not 8bit (8bit is the default for PTGui)

I hope that this helps everyone in the blogging world maintain the highest quality in their photos. If this has helped you make sure you link it on your blog so you can share it with everyone.

Until next time

Happy shooting.

White Rhino

I remember being so scared on this day. These two HUGE White Rhinos decided to walk a little bit to close to my car. With horns as big as my arm these animals can do serious damage.

As they came close my instant reaction was to put my camera and lens inside the car while staying perfectly still.  For a good 20 minutes they both just stood near the car. I heard each giant breath exit their mouths and the sound  seemed to be coming closer. My legs were shaking now! I was thinking just how fast is this car?

If I turn the key will I have enough time to get away, then I remembered that they can run 60km/h!  I couldn’t start the car or they would charge.  I would be crushed for sure!

I braved the risk of being crushed alive to get some shots (as any photographer would). This one was before I put my camera away! After about 20 minutes of what seemed to be a staring contest they moved on. Each THUD was felt as their feet hit the ground with weight as they walked passed the rear of my car.

All I can say is that I’m glad I got the shots!

Got to love Africa hey?


Here is another photo from the night that I caught up with Adrian and Skye.

You can check out Skye’s blog here

Her blog is quite inspirational.  Currently Skye has set a challenge for herself – to last 30 days without eating any confectionery! Is it me or is that just a crazy challenge? I don’t think I could last 30 days without lollies! Could you?

Lilac Breasted Roller

Little Beach Ocean Motion

This was a six image stitch blended with PTGui.  Shot with my Canon 17-40mm f4 and Manfrotto 303SPH. Andrew Halsall was standing right next to me when I took this…talk about pressure to get it right!

If you use PTGui there are a few little hints that I will share with you at a later stage (when I have some spare time).

So until next time

Happy Shooting