Cosy Corner – Split Toning

Split toning is always fun to experiment with because there are so many different colour combinations you can choose from. For me choosing a warmer tone in light areas and a cooler tone in darker areas works quite well.

Cosy Corner

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting.


Nanarup Fine Art Landscape

Nanarup located near Maitreya Private Retreat

I have had this image sitting on my hard drive for some time. The image has been stitched together from 18 images to create my latest fine art landscape.

I can’t wait to head back to this location at the end of the month to photograph another wedding at the beautiful Maitreya Private Retreat.

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting

The Scene Was Born

The deafening howl increased as wind shuttled passed my ears.  My vision was temporarily interrupted, the blast of sand in my eyes was agonizing.  Recovering the gritty debris from my vision I wasn’t about to retreat to the car without exercising my camera. Nothing was going to stop me.

The picture before me was developing into a scene…one that was worth waiting for.

The light was starting to revel itself from lost clouds gathering on the distant horizon.  Secure in its footings the wooden jetty stood strong against the battling water thrashing against its dilapidating wooden boards. Seaweed draped over the edge of the wet structure breaking up horizontal repetition within the frame.  My mind raced as fast as the clouds gathered in front of me.

With the fishing trawler awaiting a new dawn  the light above began to broadcast itself between the clouds. A magical glow illuminated the camera sensor into action. The scene was born.
A jetty at Port Gregory Western Australia

If you would like to see the scene I also took from this spot check out my recent post – Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!

Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory



The world is light; tone; shape and form – its my job as an artist to share life’s intricate details.

Beauty abounds the natural wonders of Port Gregory. Waves turn and tumble roaring as weathered water amasses to the shore. Running in synchronization waves continues their forceful journey along the beach gliding until the evanescent wave reaches its peak. Receding water reflects the final afterglow. The watery rhythm continues as the bright beams fill voids upon the open ocean.

A gazebo stands steadfast upon its foundations as winds howl in its path. Weathered rotting wood holds little protection for the passing traveller. The storm shows no sign of holding back. Light passes through thick developed clouds shedding warmth wherever it lands. The spectacle emerges as low clouds pass; clearing the misty confusion. Crouched with tripod and camera in hand the words develop in my mind. Wind; rain; light and water – the perfect composition.

Canon EOS 1D MK IV – 85mm – ISO 50 – f14 – 1 second – PS CS5


Fujifilm Cameras Australia – Hijacked

Fujifilm Cameras Australia have come up with a brilliant concept for any photographer to have the opportunity to hijack their Facebook cover photo making them Fujifilm Famous for one month! This months theme is Australian Landmarks. Have you been anywhere in Australia that stands out?

If so I challenge you to go to the Fujifilm Cameras Australia page hit LIKE to hear about how you can become Fujifilm Famous! There is only 13 days left before the comp has finished. So get to it! This was my entry I posted on the Fujifilm Cameras Page to become Fujifilm Famous! I took this photo of the Sydney Opera House from the Harbour.

As a photographer I have travelled around various places and seen some amazing sites…some of them I didn’t even have a camera with me! Oh No! One of my favourite places to visit here in Western Australia would have to be around Geraldton area also known as the Coral Coast.  The rocky coastline and beautiful sunsets are beautiful on any day. Whenever I head to the ocean around that area I can always rely on capturing something special.

Taking about taking special photos, the last two Fujifilm Famous hijackers have had some really amazing photographs. This months photographer is Paul Pichugin who found some amazing water detail along the West Australian coastline. What an amazing photographer and an amazing image don’t you think? The clouds on the distant horizon seem tame compared with the swirling water in the foreground and I love the way the water trickles over the rocks creating a cascading waterfall. Simply beautiful.

The previous months Fujifilm Famous photographer,  Sue-ann Tilby captured another beautiful sunset which rocked the community on the Fujifilm Cameras Australia Facebook page.  The colour in this image is simply amazing! I would certainly have a big smile on my face if I captured this image. I’m sure Sue-ann did! Have you ever tried taking a photograph like this before? Why not get out this weekend and give it a go then share it with the world so everyone can see it….who knows you might be the next Fujifilm Famous photographer!

I am planning a beach shoot this weekend down at my local beach however I don’t think I can match these two photographers….however I will give it a go.

I’ll leave you with this question: If you could go anywhere in the world to take a photograph where would it be?

Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Darkness at Mutton Bird

The evolving storm clouds masked the last of the warming light. The sound of the ocean was threatening with wave after wave crashing against the battered landscape. Rock hopping with tripod in hand and camera bag on my tired shoulders I fought my way against the howling wind.

Quickly constructing my tripod I felt like a soldier assembling a weapon. Clouds swarmed above me blackening the sky. By now the ocean was tumbling and churning – the storm was rolling in.  The reflection usually seen on the surface of the water was nowhere to be seen instead violent ripples formed by the wind accelerated across the water.

Taking in the scene for a few minutes I noticed a pattern was developing from the break as it left the shore. The streaming water quickly invaded the shoreline filling every gap, stopping briefly then retreating back into the ocean. I was inspired to capture the ocean rhythm playing around me.

Attaching the fish eye lens to the camera I changed the camera’s settings with solid clicks as my numbing fingers fought the bitter cold.  Looking through the viewfinder I was presented with an almost ethereal scene. Light bounced about on the surface of the detailed rocks while water came from all directions filling the frame with a juxtaposing smooth finish.

Developing this image in Photoshop I am convinced there should be more photographs like this – dark and gloomy. Not every landscape scene should have golden light. Right?

I hope you enjoy this photograph.

Until Next time – Happy Shooting.