Part 3….

I will post part 3 – editing the pano in Adobe CS5 after the Christmas break.

If you are a photographer out there remember family is the most important thing so put down that camera and spend some quality time.

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas

God bless




Secrets Revealed

Well I have had a request from Ian Oxwell about what I did to the Russell falls image. (also Danny at Fujifilm wanting to see the original as well).
I have gone one better and shown how i processed the latest image. You can see the final image in the previous post.

So here it is – the total time spent on the image was roughly 3 hours. I got bored waiting for the lappy to process some things and walked away for a while.

Click the image to view a high res version.

Mount Field National Park – Tasmania

I was quite fearful of falling through the rotten log beneath me for this shot. However I survived to show you the result.

Taken on my Manfrotto 303sph head using a Canon 17-40mm f4 – 2 image vertical stitch.