Pink Grey and Wild

Striking pink and pale grey suit this jovial character.

A sumptuous sunflower seed is pure indulgence for the bird who seems to speak a trilled language.

The messiness of the order tumbles from a worked beak.

A smile ignites in his eye and enlightens a cheeky personality as the burst of seed is enough to make this bird wild.

Pink and Grey Galah

This wild bird was photographed in my neighbour’s yard on the Canon EOS 1D MK IV



Until Next Time – Happy Shooting


Spring at Middleton Beach

I’m back from my little trip away! It feels great to be back in the chair after having a small holiday. I will be planning on posting a few images in the next few weeks in between editing a beautiful wedding photographed in Perth.

This ethereal photograph was taken as a two image stitch on the beautiful Fujifilm X-Pro 1 using Velvia mode.

The flowers at Middleton Beach located near Albany, Western Australia


Check out my last Middleton Beach photograph and story here.

Until next time – Happy Shooting.

Middleton Beach – The Light Show

Wind swept through my hair as I left the car park. Keeping to the sandy path the sight of dune grasses dancing in the breeze caught my eye. I felt the cold gritty sand between my toes which instantly translated into a shiver throughout my body. My warm woollen jumper cut the air as the storm approached. I felt alive.

The outdoors was smelling like a salt pan. The developing scene before me was a place where lifesavers swam and whales sang. Middleton beach was a special place for so many people. Stories unfolded as my camera pointed in different directions. I could see people engaging with others as mans best friend yapped at the approaching tide. Laughing children ran with excitement giving chase to unsuspecting seagulls which tumbled into mid-air. The beach was alive and entertaining.

Waves rode close to the ocean shoreline crashing with anger.  The distant sounds of conversations were muffled by the developing gusts.  Crashing waves echoed in my mind as I lined up the composition.  The tripod was sturdy and heavy in my hand. Brushing sand from the lens I had to take the shot before the storm rolled in – rain was no friend to my camera. Flickering light caught my attention as it shone boldly through the passing clouds.  Emu Point dotted on the horizon was disappearing due to the sand storms forming along the beach. As I adjusted my focus the light broke from the cotton wool blanket above me. The beach grasses shone with vibrance. The colour jumped out and was lifted from the white beach canvas.  Shadows filled with an array of colour while the ocean danced with aquas and blues.. I was photographing mother nature at its grandest. The light show had begun.

Burchell’s Zebra

A quick break from wedding photography….

Here is another black and white photograph to add to my African series. Enjoy.


White Rhino

I remember being so scared on this day. These two HUGE White Rhinos decided to walk a little bit to close to my car. With horns as big as my arm these animals can do serious damage.

As they came close my instant reaction was to put my camera and lens inside the car while staying perfectly still.  For a good 20 minutes they both just stood near the car. I heard each giant breath exit their mouths and the sound  seemed to be coming closer. My legs were shaking now! I was thinking just how fast is this car?

If I turn the key will I have enough time to get away, then I remembered that they can run 60km/h!  I couldn’t start the car or they would charge.  I would be crushed for sure!

I braved the risk of being crushed alive to get some shots (as any photographer would). This one was before I put my camera away! After about 20 minutes of what seemed to be a staring contest they moved on. Each THUD was felt as their feet hit the ground with weight as they walked passed the rear of my car.

All I can say is that I’m glad I got the shots!

Got to love Africa hey?